Friday, April 19, 2013


Yesterday morning I waved Cody & Tyson off, they rode their bicycles to school on their own. Our house is around the corner from their school, from my house I can see them going into the school grounds.

But letting them go to school on their own, was a big thing for me, the helicopter parent in me wanted to trail behind them making sure there was no safety hazards, that they didn't fall off their bikes. But I didn't follow them, I waved and watched them happily ride off. They arrived safely.

Their new found independence is doing wonders for their self esteem and confidence levels.

Today I'm going to wait for them to ride home instead of going to meet them at school.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunday snippets

The week that was...

Life , ADHD etc

In the past I've mentioned Cody has Sensory processing disorder (SPD) currently the jury is out on if he has ADHD or aspergers (or even both).
Recently Tyson was diagnosed with ADHD. I've been reading books such as "the out of sync child" and "the explosive child" to learn ways to help Tyson, we are looking at minimizing the chemicals and numbers in food and in our home to see if that helps.
So this blog may take a path of bring about the biomed journey my 2 boys are taking.
We recently moved house, and in planning to put in a vege patch soon. Whoever lived here before us, has left a compost bin and worm farm. There were ripe tomato plants too.

Moving house has meant a change in schools but the boys have settled in well. Charlie is starting a new preschool in 2 weeks.