Friday, August 23, 2013

August moon Day 2: wishes

Day 2 prompt: 

Kat writes: We are about to enter into a gentler season i.e. Autumn/Fall if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. For me, these seasons often feel like a relief after the intensity of Summer and Winter. How do you intend to transition into the new season? My friend Kylie Bellard has a wonderful set ofquestions you can use to help you in your deliberations.

I often take Spring as the season of rebirth, out with the old in with the new it's like the second New Year's Day almost. It's a chance for resolutions and change.  

Spring also comes with the dreaded spring cleaning. I've been going mad organizing my house, labels are everywhere in my house at the moment. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August Moon Day 1: Intentions

So I have joined in the August Moon blog roll. For more info check out this

Today's Prompt:
How have you treated yourself this year?

Have you kept your intentions?

2013, has been the year were I often have put myself and my needs last,I put myself on the back burner. I think in a way it's ok, as I have put my boy's needs  first, but at the same time it can be bad as I forget about me.

A treat for me is the ability to just sit on the couch and have a coffee , and not do any chores for an hour. Yes its lame, but that is my reality.  A nice coffee, some chocolate, all awesome treats. 

I keep my intentions honest and true, I set about making goals and striving for them,. For example, I decided I would like to work in Education and enrolled in university.  The Degree actually starts next Monday.  But I also have crazy ideas of doing a second University degree in another area but the second degree would make me highly sought after when I return to work.  I am planning to do a degree in Occupational Therapy as the second degree. 

The next few years will be crazy but worth it. 

I also got married this year in February and 6 months on it is still awesome!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life with 4

Where I have been for the past few months? 

 I have been flat out juggling life, studying and being a mum of 4 boys.   Life does lead us into uncharted direction though when we least expect it.
So a quick run down of each month :

I Turned 27. Yes, I am 3 years closer to being 30.
Me with Alistair on my Birthday.

Not quite a "young mum" and not quite "middle aged".  Tyson got a Principal's Award  on June 7th.  On June 20th, Alistair learnt to climb things, I watched him one day flip a washing basket so he could use it to climb on to the couch. Cody had an ASD assessment in late June.On the 15th my brother had a son , So I got a new nephew. He is very small and cute.

Alistair's birthday cake that I made.

Alistair was walking by the end of July. Alistair also turned 1 on the 23rd. I can't believe he is 1 year old now, the year has flown by.  I helped run a facebook auction to fundraise  for a friend in need called Community heart connection it raised approx $10,000.  My Sister had a son on the 19th  , so I got a nephew who is very cute.  I also founded a  local support group for parents/carers/relatives of children with special needs on facebook. The group is awesome, it has grown so much , and the ability to network with those who are behind the movement to push for an autism specific school in Geelong , is very educational for me.

Well, so far (and bear in mind we are not even halfway through august yet haha) I have been told Cody most likely has aspergers  & ADHD, & Auditory Processing disorder.  Yep its quite the mouth full. 

I start a Bachelor Of Early Childhood Education this month, So I hope to blog more often (fingers crossed) .  I am in love with my steam mop and slow cooker (yes I know no one cares haha) 

Also check out this post for some tunes since today marks 6 years since my brother Aaron passed away