Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My first Guest Blog post: Breast feeding post

I wrote my first Guest blog post over at  Milk & Love
Here it is :

Four Babies, Four Different Breastfeeding Experiences
My story, starts with my first born. I didn't breastfeed him. How does this relate to breastfeeding you ask? Well he was in SCN, he had meningitis, jaundice, an infection as well as feeding issues. He was there until 2 weeks old (he was a 41 weeker). I didn't produce milk. He ended up being formula fed. He went on to develop eczema, allergies and reflux, requiring specialist formulas (a dairy and soy free one to be exact), eventually he developed asthma.
When I was pregnant with my second son, I read about the health benefits of breastfeeding and how it could lower the risk of allergies, eczema and asthma. I wanted to avoid those things as much as possible for my second son after seeing how it affected my first born. My second son was born at 40 weeks & 2 days. He didn't latch properly, the midwives showed me how to hold him and still he wouldn’t latch. One midwife suggested he may have tongue tie, but a paediatrician ruled that out. I was taught how to express milk and syringe fed him until he was approx 2 weeks old, yes every feed was done this way. I was very tired but determined to breastfeed.
My second son at around 5 weeks old was diagnosed with reflux, this stayed with him until he was a year old. I also had mild PND after his birth. He required medications and would constantly feed to comfort his pain, it felt like he was always attached to the breast. At around 10.5 months old he weaned on to a soy formula.
My third son, he had no reflux or feeding issues. He breastfed until 19.5 months old, I discovered people often find nursing a child older then 1 year old, strange. Some even can be down right rude about it. I had one relative say to my son who was 12 months old at the time “You don't want that dirty boob do you? You want milk from a cup like a big boy”. He didn't require a special type of formula or milk when he weaned. He had no intolerances or allergies nor did he ever get eczema or asthma.
My fourth son is currently 23 months old and is still breastfed, he was a 37 weeker and my first c section. No signs of weaning just yet. Each of my children have a great bond with me regardless of how they were fed. No one ever told me how hard those initial weeks of breastfeeding a child can be, things like painful let down were never talked about. No one talks about the emotional roller coaster of weaning either. Breastfeeding can be hard. Don't beat yourself up if you throw in the towel or need some help.