Tuesday, September 1, 2015

day 16

Walk towards the future. Finish off goals. That is the way to go.   There may be bumps along the way, there may be things that try to stop you from reaching the goal. But in the big scheme of things its only you who can stop you from reaching your goals.

day 15

I can not wait to finish my 2 Diplomas. two goals ticked off  It will be like saying "yes I did it!" and wanting to shout it to the world or jump off a  big diving board.  Being the not very exciting person , I am i will most likely celebrate with some cake or something.

Next after that, I will set more goals and work towards those.   Ticking each off as I go.

I do it all for these guys:

day 14

I love books , books are like an escape. An escape to another world. Another time.   You can lose yourself in a book.
When reality beckons, you can put the book down until another time, and pick up from where you last left off.

These days as a mum of 4, I do not read as much books as I used too. I used to read Shakespeare and books filled with vampires.