The Players in the team

My Family in 2011.
My Family in 2012.

So a bit of a introduction on who is in my family....

He likes to work out with Dad and his uncle. He has SPD,  Aspergers, Auditory & Sensory processing Disorders and ADHD. He loves learning how to do things and is a perfectionist. He also loves to know how things work even if it means taking things apart (my old laptop learnt this the hard way haha) He was homeschooled for all of 2010 and half of 2011 and chose to go to a local primary school. He loves maths and science and music. Cody was deaf due to fluid on both ears till he was 15 months old from birth. He was non verbal till 3 yrs old.
Birth details:
Weight: 8lb 15oz
Height: 54cm  Head: 35.5cm
 Gestation: 41weeks  Labor length: 17.5hours

Tyson loves going to school with Cody. He started prep this year. He has sensory issues like cody. He also struggles with expressing his thoughts and emotions. he loves dress ups and playing with cars and making paintings. he loves to help others and is very big on recycling. In late 2009 he started having seizures and to this day, the cause is unknown, he is not on medications for it, his tests have all come back clear so far.He hasn't had one for a while now. Tyson has ADHD & Anxiety  (diagnosed in 2013)
Birth Details:
Weight: 7lb 5oz
Height: 49cm  Head: 34cm
Gestation: 40 weeks &2 days  Labor Length: 9.5 hours

The resident prankster of the house. he is always up to mischief and running away giggling. He loves to cook. he also loves rainbows, sports and animals. He is the social butterfly out of the family too.  He likes to know where food comes from and how things are cooked.  He also knows his way around my iphone very well.

Birth Details:
Weight: 7lb 11oz
Height: 54cm Head: 34.5cm
Gestation: 40weeks & 5 Days Labor Length: 6.5hours

The youngest and smallest one of the house. He Is very adored by his big brothers, he also is Charlie's biggest fan. He is all smiles and giggles for Charlie and Daddy.
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Birth Details:
Weight: 8lb 2oz
Height: 48cm Head: 34.5cm
Gestation: 37 weeks & 2 days